About us

The history of Ampulz goes back to the 1960’s, when a specialist group within HOLEC focused on power conversion technology. Today it continues to enable us to utilize the knowledge and experience gained in numerous worldwide system integration projects, and the developments which have taken place within our embedded technology roadmap. 

Our flexible  multi-site organization structure and knowledge in multiple disciplines, gives both asset owners and technology partners access to best-in-class engineering and services. 


Using standardized 'building blocks', our systems can be configured to the needs of every specific application. 


With a company structured around four main activities, we are fully equipped to support your requirements. This combination of activities covers the complete life cycle of your projects and power conversion system. 


Whether you require tailored product development, delivery of a small production series, large system integration projects or  service and maintenance of your installation, Ampulz is the partner of choice. 

'Ampulz CARE'

We believe that shared ambitions are the key drivers in every relationship.

Inspired by technology, we always take your process and ambitions as the starting point for our services.

Based on 50+ years of experience, a large team of  highly skilled specialists and our valued partners, we can ensure the best power conversion solution aligned with your business requirements. 


That’s what we call Ampulz CARE.