Holec N.V was established via an exchange of shares between 'Heemaf N.V.' and the 'N.V. Electrotechnical Industry formerly Willem Smit & Co' (better known as Smit Slikkerveer).


First series delivery of production deliveries (> 100 pieces) of accurate rectifier to a well-known Super Proton Synchrotron facility are a fact.

The Royal Begemann Group took ownership of Holec N.V. Between 1984 and 1993 eleven pulsed D.C. power supplies with a total power capacity of 780 MVA, are delivered to Joint European Torus nuclear fusion project. The fusion research facility ia a joint European project with a main purpose of opening the way to future nuclear fusion grid energy.

Imtech N.V. acquires the Power Electronics division from Holec Projects and the division became part of Vonk.

Large volumes of special developed drive systems for the enrichment market are produced en delivered.

Vonk was renamed as Imtech Vonk B.V..

The company is specialized in Engineering & Contracting activities for the Oil & Gas industry as well as other high grade industries.


First integrated Mega Watt systems for feedback of electricity converted from hydrogen into the Medium Voltage grid are delivered.


Industry International B.V. was established by acquiring five business units from Imtech B.V.  One of these business units is called Ampulz today.

In this period the development and series production of drives for accurate rotary antenna systems were a fact.


In order to be able to serve the different markets with more focus on the main activity for each business unit within Industry International B.V., these business units are converted to individual and registered companies.

Ampulz B.V. was established and provides complex power conversion solutions and services to various industries.