About our business

Ampulz is active in the market of Power Conversion. In general, the scope of our projects and services is in the area between grid connection and process power supply. Essentially Ampulz delivers solutions for converting electric energy from one to another.

The market of power conversion is dominated by large Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) offering standardized products for generic applications.

Ampulz is a leading technical service provider in the area of complex engineered and integrated power conversion solutions. Which means that we can independently work together with OEM’s. 

We have strong backgrounds in niche markets where technical and/or logistical requirements are complex and often solved in close co-creation with our customers.

  • It can be an extremely low voltage ripple or high current stability and accuracy.
  • It can be a complex combination of voltage and current characteristics.
  • But can also elaborate integration projects where standard or engineered equipment needs to be integrated in the process of our customers.

Another common aspect in the world of Ampulz is that it always concerns power conversion systems which are critical for customers processes or products and have high impact on our customers market position. 

The nucleus of our team is a highly qualified and experienced group of engineers/consultant, who have been working together since the 80’s. Determined to provide the best solutions and loyal to their profession and our partners.

Our Ampulz team consists of about 50 employees.

  • Services and engineering are equal in size with about 20 employees each.
  • The remainder of the team is related to Project and Account Management.

Ampulz is member of Industry International family, which is a portfolio of 5 companies. With nearly 350 employees we have a profitable and growing annual revenue of 70+ million Euro’s.

We believe that shared ambition is the most valuable driver in relationships. That’s why we always and uncompromisingly seek to optimize products, services and results in favour of our customers.

It’s the combination of activities and competencies that makes us special. That’s the reason why Ampulz makes a difference wherever power conversion is critical to business results.