Product development

The lifecycle of a product or system starts with the identification of the need. Our team can support you with technical brainstorming to generate ideas that meet the fundamental requirements of potential solutions. When concepts have been defined, our optimized development processes enable the highest quality in a flexible environment. Our project managers, in combination with a passionate and skillful engineering team, ensure effective coordination of activities between engineering, procurement, prototype assembly and test, which leads to a successful product development.


'Your Design for eXellence partner'


Do you have plans to develop a system or prototype from scratch? Or do you need to mature an existing design for medium volume production? We engage in both stages of the project lifecycle.

Close teamwork between engineers in development and manufacturing allows us to consider DfX (Design for eXcellence) from the start of our projects.


Your benefits

  • Independent development services
  • Reduced development time and cost
  • Seamless introduction into assembly
  • Single point of contact


Our activities offered

  • Integration of existing IP
  • Multi-discipinary engineering services
  • Design for X
  • Supply Chain Development
  • (D)FMEA and MTBF analysis
  • Prototype assembly
  • Compliance testing and certifications