Asdex Upgrade Modular Thyristor Converter Group


Project description

This converter system is built up with four identical six pulse thyristor modules of 36 MVA, arranged in two by two as 12-pulse units. Each unit, with 2 modules, can be operated in different connection modes: single, parallel, series or anti-parallel.
Two units can be connected in parallel or anti-parallel resulting in a total of eight configurations with currents up to 90 kA and voltages up to 3 kV. All of the DC isolator and configuration switches can be controlled from remote. Embedded software (EPLD’s) is applied for the electronic control and protection system. The regulation electronics can be controlled by limits and settings from remote. The input configuration is 2x12 pulse. Transformers are grouped two by two in one tank, outdoor, ONAN-cooled. The thyristors are arranged in stacks and cooled with water. 


Electrical Equipment: Modular converter system (indicated as group 6):

  • 2x2 Input transformers 10.5 kV (110-85 Hz)
  • 4 modules of 6-pulse thyristor (6 in parallel) bridges
  • DC chokes on each module DC output
  • DC Distribution System (single/series/parallel)
  • Water Cooling Unit
  • Local Control Cubicles per 2 modules
  • Including Control, protection and monitoring system for local and central control
  • Central Control Cubicle for the converter system


  • Project Management
  • Electrical and Mechanical Design
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Construction and on-site Erection
  • Factory routine and type testing
  • Commissioning & Acceptance testing

Design criteria:

  • Reduction of Reactive Power (neutral thyristors)
  • High Performance and Reliability
  • Direct DC output short-circuit capability
  • Fast Four Quadrant Operation
  • Modular design
  • Safety

Key Data

Peak Power (Input) 145 MVA
Outputs system 90 kA, 1.5 kV (2 Quadrant)
  22.5 kA, 3. kV (4 Quadrant)
Outputs unit 45 kA, 1.5 kV (2 Quadrant
  22.5 kA, 1.5 kV (4 Quadrant)
Location Garching München, Germany
Delivery 2002


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