System integration projects

Best in class project management, with a skillful engineering team, enables fast and reliable execution of large international system integration projects. Based on our supply chain management capabilities, we are keen to strike an optimal balance between our core processes of engineering, procurement and commissioning, supported as required by local partners near the project location. 


'Driving Technology to improve your business'


With your primary process as key input, we use either off the shelf or tailored components, providing the best matching solution for your requirements.


Your benefits

  • Long track record in system integration projects
  • Highly predictable project execution. 
  • Best in class project management  
  • Single point of contact and responsibility
  • Optimal use of standard component, or if needed integration of tailored solutions.


Services offered

  • System design services
  • Integration of existing IP
  • Component selection and procurement
  • Maintenance manual and planning
  • (D)FMEA and MTBF analysis
  • Spare parts listing and management
  • Commissioning and test