We can provide you with reliable, independent advice about current and future energy supply options and power conversions.

We advise companies on how to optimal connect to or at the energy supply of the future. What are the latest technological innovations and what’s the impact for example of DC-grids and Hydrogen?

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As a specialist in Power Conversion, we offer extensive experience and expertise in the form of advice and engineering services. Our people are only too happy to help you in the following areas:

• Power Quality
• Storage of Electric Energy
• DC networks and DC technology
• Industrial drive systems
• Preventive and Corrective Electro-technical Maintenance


We believe in sharing knowledge. From extensive experience working with different industrial, but also scientific applications, we are keenly aware of the factors that matter for the success of our customers. We also know which technological choices are crucial at the outset of projects to bring them to a successful fruition. For that reason, we make ample use of our experts to help customers through this advisory process.

 Examples of advisory processes include:

  • Harmonic and safety analysis for Low-voltage Distribution Panels
  • Harmonic Filter analysis
  • Implementation of DC grids with Active Front End technology
  • Implementation of drive system for permanent magnet (PM) motors
  • Long-term maintenance plan for distribution panels and drive systems


In order to provide you with the best advice at all times, we invest continuously in our people, our processes and our technology. Examples of key areas of knowledge and expertise include:

  • Feasibility studies & system selection analyses
  • Harmonic distortion analysis
  • Reactive power and compensation
  • System resonance and interference plan
  • EMC qualification and solutions
  • Protection and control technologies
  • Design and outsourcing of transformers & distributors
  • Selectivity & protection of systems
  • Testing & analysis of mains pollution
  • VHDL firmware implementation
  • System design and simulation
  • Technical drawings
  • Design testing
  • Drawing-up of budgets and cost estimates
  • Coordination & handover
  • System performance scan


When we advise, our objective is always to improve and extend the availability and lifespan of your system. As an independent partner, we provide know-how in the form of ‘best practices’, feasibility studies, conceptual design, basic design and training.

Feel free to call Bart de Vries (+31 6 15 02 27 09) for more information about advisory processes we can carry out for you (or in partnership with you).