Hydrogen & new energy solutions

The fitting of large scale renewable energy sources requires power conversion solutions that can be used on a Megawatt level. The power converter determines the behavior to the electricity grid and to what extent there are reactive currents and other power quality issues.

Cirical for green hydrogen production through electrolysis

For the production of green hydrogen through electrolysis the total costs within the business model are dominated by the electricity costs. Therefore, power quality issues are unacceptable. Ampulz can use existing building blocks based on its own technology to create scalable solutions with best-in-class performance. With this technology it is also possible to create bi-directional power conversion, which offers new application possibilities.

Ampulz has 10+ years of experience with power conversion solutions for hydrogen and has delivered these on a Megawatt scale.

As the rising of the hydrogen economy requires scaling of the production of hydrogen from water through electrolysis, knowledge of power conversion becomes even more cricital. Ampulz has many years of experience with high precision power supplies on a scale of 10 to 100+ Megawatt. As such, it is sequacious that Ampulz has a central position in the scaling of the hydrogen economy through multiple collaborations.

Renewable to grid

The growth of the renewable energy sources installed base creates challenges for fitting these onto the  public or local electricity grid. Because the drive of a wind farm, a solar farm, the hydrogen fuel cell or another source does not gives an output that directly fits with the electricity grid, a power converter is required that makes the connection fit. The bigger the scale of the connections, the more power quality has an impact.

Ampulz has 10+ years of experience with controlled power conversion solutions that establish a grid connection without power quality issues. Even better: because our converters create a perfect sinal wave and take away harmonic distortion, we actually improve grid quality.  

Our solutions on grid connections for renewable energy sources are used throughout the world and our knowledge has been used for projects related to just about all kinds of energy sources imaginable.


Example of a 2MW fuel cell grid connection: