Predictable project implementation on the basis of incremental technological innovations and long years of experience.

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We believe in long-term relationships, so our projects endeavour at all times to find the best solution for our customers. These solutions come with low development risks, creating an optimum balance between the critical success factors of clients. This is reinforced by technological innovations which are constantly being developed and improved on the basis of proven technologies. In turn, we put these into practice in commercial projects. In this way, the customer can deploy state-of-the-art technologies without being unnecessarily exposed to development risks.

 Current technological developments include:

  • Digitally controlled semiconductor Active Front End (AFE IGBT) technology
  • Low power DC/DC converters
  • Universal firmware-controlled digital control platform
  • Scalable Thyristor converters
  • Active harmonic distortion reduction filters

In the projects for our customers, in general, we use existing technologies and existing components as much as possible. This may involve the use of subsystems and/or components which have been developed in-house Ampulz Intellectual Property and/or which are commercially available. Projects based on existing technologies we call System Integration projects.

Good examples of these include:

  • Integration of drive systems and converters within the processing industry, including digital control cabinets and installations.
  • Integration of customer-specific magnet power supplies in scientific institutes.
  • Upgrading and replacement of outdated (analogue) control systems and PLC operating systems.
  • Replacement of outdated drive systems.

In System Integration projects we combine technical know-how and project management skills with application know-how, so that hardware and possibly software can be integrated as part of an turnkey solution for the end user. Typical activities within the scope of System Integration projects are

  • Project & Site management
  • Interface simulations and (lab) testing with dummy loads
  • System installation and testing
  • Integration, verification and qualification
  • Operationalization and release of systems
  • Compilation of handover documentation
  • System design
  • Integration of existing building blocks (pre-existing IP)
  • Component selection and purchasing
  • Maintenance manuals and planning
  • (D)FMEA and MTBF analysis
  • Inventory of required spare parts and management
  • Commissioning and testing


Feel free to call Bart de Vries (+31 6 15 02 27 09) for more information about System Integration projects we can carry out for you.

Projects which use new technologies have a different risk profile and so require a different approach. These projects are called Product Development projects. We perform these projects to develop our own building blocks and/or subsystems which can then be deployed in system integration projects. We can also develop customer-specific solutions, often in collaboration with other technology companies.

Good examples of these include:

  • Drive system product development projects for powering electric motors and rotary systems in a maritime environment and the processing industry
  • Special cooling systems for power applications in the maritime environment
  • High power (AC/DC) converters and power lines for a range of magnet application projects
  • Special power supply for oil-water separation systems


In Product Development projects, we frequently use engineered components to develop newly required technologies such as our own building blocks or for customer-specific solutions. Typical activities within the scope of Product Development projects are:

  • Project management
  • Risk management
  • Engineering
    • Functional design versus Critical to Quality customer requirements
    • Detailed design specifications, documentation, (standard) component choice versus standards, requirements, manufacturability and minimum costs
  • Project purchasing, work planning and prototype assembly
  • Acceptance (type) testing and qualification of the design
    • Functional testing
    • Power performance testing
  • Product industrialization
  • Product documentation for the product, including manuals
  • Integration of existing building blocks (pre-existing IP)
  • Multidisciplinary engineering services
  • Design for X
  • (D)FMEA and MTBF analysis
  • Product qualification and certification


Feel free to call Bart de Vries (+31 6 15 02 27 09) for more information about Product Development projects we can carry out for you (or in partnership with you).