Through preventive and corrective maintenance and the 24/7 service we offer, we help keep your systems in tip-top condition. 

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Our service organization offers a wide range of on-site services for both low- and high voltage systems and power conversion systems.

We have an experienced team of well-trained specialists delivering services worldwide to ensure the availability of systems which are critical to the primary processes of our customers.

So that your system operates safely and satisfactorily at all times, our specialists provide support not only where long-term maintenance plans are in place, but also in corrective situations.

In the main, Ampulz focuses on providing support in the following areas:

  • Current : tot 150 kA
  • Voltage : tot 100 kV
  • Power : tot 150 MW
  • Frequency : tot 100 kHz
  • Stability : tot 1 ppm


Our online infrastructure using automated processes guarantees reliable planning and reporting for all our activities. This ensures that your systems are maintained in good time and by experienced specialists.

Ampulz provides special maintenance and inspections for applications such as those listed below:

  • High Voltage installations
  • Low Voltage installations
  • Generators
  • NSA & (DR)UPS systemen
  • AC/DC controls
  • DC-systems
  • Cos phi improvement systems
  • Field instrumentation


Our package of maintenance services and inspections includes the following

  • 24/7 troubleshooting service
  • Long-term maintenance plans
  • Baseline measurements
  • Maintenance (inspection, preventive and corrective)
  • Thermographic testing and investigation
  • Delegated system responsibility
  • Advice on statutory regulations (e.g. NEN-3140 and
  • Specialist advice on management and maintenance
  • Operating procedures
  • Switching procedures and switching orders for de-commissioning systems
  • De-commissioning
  • Supervision of inspections and maintenance of the system
  • Administration of operating data, documents and drawings
  • Arranging access and designation policy
  • Transformer maintenance, inspections and oil analysis
  • Selectivity studies
  • Efficiency studies
  • Installation of high voltage cables (e.g. sleeves)
  • Management and advice with respect to spare parts
  • Power measurements (and quality analysis)
  • Measuring harmonic distortion (power line disturbance)
  • Diagnostic cable testing
  • Earthing testing
  • Phase angle measurements
  • Insulation resistance testing
  • Transmission resistance testing
  • Transformation testing for electricity transformers
    (max. 2500 A)
  • Safeguards
  • NEN 3140 inspections
  • Instrumentation calibration



In the event of emergencies, our service desk can be contacted 24/7. Our team is on stand-by wherever and whenever your system needs re-commissioning.

Feel free to call Jurgen Staal (+31 6 12 20 15 35) for more information about the services we can carry out for you (or in partnership with you).